I had the privilege to talk with my number one idol Paula Radcliffe, and let me tell you guys, she is amazing, she is super friendly and a very nice person.

If somebody doesn’t know her: She is the current women’s world record holder in the marathon with her time of 2 hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds. She is a three-time winner of the London Marathon (2002, 2003, 2005), three-time New York Marathon champion (2004, 2007, 2008), and won the 2002 Chicago Marathon.

We talk about the tips and hard stages, the strategy, and the preparation to run a Marathon. She recommended the following things: To start the preparation for your training,  you have to do gradually, you have to focus on support training specially the strengthen of stomach muscles, ligaments, ankles, knees, hips, all this things just to make sure, that everything it’s strong before you start to increase the running. Then you can start running without risk of injury.

About the strategy that you follow to reach your goal:

How is your strategy on a Marathon?

She said: I like to maintain the same pace from the beginning, because I consider that I you start in negative numbers, then it’s too difficult to take a good pace or increased it. For other hand, If you let that the emotion take your body, probably you’ll start so fast, and you can lose all your fuel at the first half, so you can lose your goal. Instead, if you can keep the same pace from the begginig to the end, you will be able to increase your pace at the second half, so you will be strong to give your best and maybe do a beautiful sprint when you see the finish line.

How can you pass “The Wall”?

Is different stages difficult on marathon, so you have to find any techniques like: just count 1-2, 1-2, many times as you need it, or count from 1 to 100, or only think in put one foot in front to the other and no panic about how far its to go just think which number comes next, or one foot in front to the other, but if you really to hit the wall I the marathon, the best thing it’s to make sure that you don’t, because you can’t recover once you did, so make sure that you really have fuel run, and make sure that you stay very good hydrated and eat enough carbohydrates for 4 or 5 days before race.

Do you like train by yourself or in group?

Well, it depends, sometimes is nice to go to run with your friends, and share a good time or a good talk. But when I just want to think about something or clear my mind, I run by myself, somethimes with music, but most of the times without it. And of course, If I’m training for a competition, normally I run by myself, because I can concentrate in each thing about my race, and my body.

Which was the best advice that you received for your first marathon?

I think, my best advice was: To respect the distance, but to be afraid.

In addition to the time when you cross the finish line, what it is for you, the best part of  run a Marathon?

I have a lot! It’s special and It’s cool when you started, I think is the most rocking part because you fell so strong, nothing is bother you, and you don’t have any pain. The second one is when you pass the halfway and started to push a little bit more and you realize that your race is beginning so, in this moment you know that you can make it. Finally, (of course) when you cross the finish line! It’s a beautiful sensation.

What do you like to tell to the runners?

Whatever you do, give your 100% and enjoy the way! And feel proud of yourself, it doesn’t matter the result that you get!


I really enjoy the time and the little race with her! She is so kind.  For me, the best advice is the part where she said: Whatever you do, give your 100% and enjoy the way! And feel proud of yourself. I realy appreciate and I keep it forever.

What about you?

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